Suboxone Doctors in Texas


Texas Suboxone Doctors

by Lauren Pesce

Treatment for opiate addiction has long been a difficult process placed before treatment professionals, doctors and others in the healthcare industry. In 2002, Suboxone was approved by the FDA for effective treatment of opiate addiction. Since then, Texas Suboxone doctors have prescribed millions of prescriptions to patients suffering from opiate dependence effectively helping those who are addicted to get back in control of their lives and come out sober.

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In 2010, Suboxone Film was approved for use by the FDA. Much like the Suboxone tablets that were approved in 2002, Suboxone Film is also made up of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. However, the film is sublingual and dissolves under the tongue within minutes providing an almost instant administration of the powerful medications used to combat opiate dependence, ward off withdrawal symptoms and fight cravings.

Suboxone tablets are still approved for use and your Texas Suboxone doctor may be more comfortable providing you with Suboxone tablets for one reason or another. If you take Suboxone Film, you will be asked to place the dissolvable film under your tongue for about two minutes while it fully dissolves and the medication enters the bloodstream. It’s important that you refrain from swallowing or chewing the film as this can lead to serious side effects and withdrawal.

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If you’re thinking about Suboxone treatment, there are likely a number of questions that you already have for your doctor. Some of the questions that you may want to consider discussing with your Texas Suboxone doctor include:

  • How does Suboxone work?
  • How long will Suboxone treatment take?
  • Are there side effects?
  • Are there risks or dangers?
  • What are the advantages of taking Suboxone?
  • Are there any disadvantages?

Be sure to discuss your health history and your history of drug use openly with your Texas doctor as well. These factors could change the level of treatment, the type of treatment or the method of treatment that is administered to you for your own safety.

Important Suboxone Information

The primary factor that must be considered when taking Suboxone is that misuse of this medication, taking this medication without doctor’s orders or taking too much of this medication can lead to deadly consequences. Suboxone should not be shared or consumed by anyone who does not have a prescription for the medication.

Suboxone treatment is an ongoing process that takes months or even years in some cases. Many patients will take the medication for six months or more before they are ready to stop and maintain sobriety on their own. If you are not committed to taking Suboxone or if you cannot commit yourself to taking Suboxone, consider other forms of treatment and talk with your Texas Suboxone doctor about what method of treatment may be more suitable for you.

You may not be a viable candidate for Suboxone treatment if you suffer from mental illness, history of heart or lung disease, alcoholism, history of substance abuse or certain other health conditions. When talking with your Texas Suboxone doctor, be sure to discuss your health history without leaving out even seemingly minor details as you must be honest. If you think you may not have a good chance at Suboxone treatment, discuss your worries or assumptions with your doctor prior to making any final decisions.

Suboxone treatment is not an as-needed fix for opiate addiction. You must commit to the treatment and be willing to take the medication daily for a period of time long enough to break the cycle of opiate addiction. This may take months to complete but in the end, sobriety will be a new light and a new beginning for you.

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